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más de 30 años de experiencia

Clínicas Oftalmejía was founded in 1983 and since then it provides integral eye care services. It has a professional attention team and the latest technology to resolve the most frequent ailments in the population.

This clinic counts with a group of different ophthalmologists whom are specialized on different areas and work under the tutelage of the clinic founder, Dr. Carlos Mejía Leiva.


Surgery Department

• Cataract extraction by phacoemulsification (without suture)
• Vitrectomy and retina surgery
• Palpebral and orbital surgery
• Glaucoma
• Strabismus
• Corneal transplantation
• Keratoconus (intracorneal ring segments and corneal crosslinking)

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• PRK and LASIK surgery for myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia by excimer laser
• Y.A.G Laser
• Argon Laser
• SLT laser procedure for glaucoma

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• Conteo endotelial     
• Topografía corneal
• Tratamiento para la degeneración macular
• Medición de lentes intraoculares
• Tomografía óptica coherente
• Campos Visuales computarizados
• Angiografía fluoresceínica
• Ultrasonido Ocular

Servicio de Optometría & Salas de Microcirugía


Médicos Especialistas

Dr. Carlos M. Mejía Leiva
Catarata y cirugía refractiva


Dr. Randall Ulate
Córnea y Segmento Anterior

Dr. Adolfo Rodríguez Chung
Retina y vítreo

Dr. Jorge Fonseca
Cirugía Palpebral y Orbitaria

Dra. Catalina Tabares
Oftalmología Pediátrica

Dra. Tatiana Soriano
Imagenes en Oftalmología

Dr. Alejandro Bolaños

Dra. Irene Ulloa

Dr. Juan Carlos Gutiérrez
Glaucoma, Retina y Vítreo




Eye Floaters

They look like small specks, dots, circles or cobwebs that seem to move around within your field of vision in one or both eyes. Floaters are usually perceived more easily while reading, looking at the sky or at an empty wall.

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The different types of glaucoma affect the ocular drainage system by not allowing the intraocular liquid to drain. This causes higher intraocular pressure which damages the optical nerve, resulting in visual field loss.

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It is the full or partial clouding of the eye lens which leads to a progressive vision loss. Cataracts can be the cause for blurry eyesight, it can make bright colors seem dimmed and a diminished night vision.

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Lasik Surgery

Our ophthalmologists are trained to work with the latest technology such as the Nidek-EC 5000, the best for refractive surgery to correct myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.

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