Our ophthalmologists are trained to work with the latest technology such as the Nidek-EC 5000, the best for refractive surgery to correct myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.


This surgery is best known as LASIK (Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis), it has a duration of 20 minutes, it doesn’t require hospitalization and the patient will be able to walk out of the clinic on his own. After the short recovery, our patients can go back to their usual activities such as swimming, diving, driving and reading without using prescription lenses.

The surgery consists of applying the laser on the cornea for a few seconds to change its shape and correct the ailment. A small superficial layer of the cornea is slightly separated with the use of a microkeratome so that a suture is not needed.

During the procedure the patient will remain awake. The eye will be numbed with anesthesia drops, this way the patient won’t feel bothered and the same time, he or she will be aware of what is taking place.

LASIK has eliminated to the maximum the error margin, so that in a couple of days the patient will be able to read and write without prescription glasses.

Some people claim their vision is a bit blurry after the surgery, this is very normal and it is overcome in a few days when the vision becomes completely clear.

LASEK (prk)

Some patients got corneas that have slimmed down, in these cases the LASEK technique is applied directly on the cornea’s surface without separating this layer’s tissue. 

The procedure provides the same visual results as LASIK but it takes more time to obtain the final visual sharpness.


Eye Floaters

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